Mission Outreach


"A Gift of Love" -- Church World Service (CWS) Blankets + Outreach and Offering was received in February and March.  Each $10 donation purchased a blanket for a child or adult in need and added a heart or shamrock message to the Church Bulletin Board.  Thank you for all your contributions to this exceptional charity.  This is an essential mission helping in emergencies locally and around the world.


Our Shrove Tuesday Dinner and Ash Wednesday Eve Worship Service

17 February 2015


January 25th, Hayden McCarty and Carl Younker celebrate their January birthdays with cake and candles!  On the last Sunday of every month, the congregation celebrates birthdays of all celebrating that month.



On December 21st, Hancock Church celebrated the Installation of the Reverend Dr. Terry Martin-Minnich. Participants in the Service included: 

  • The Reverend Dr. Renee Mackey, Moderator of Baltimore Presbytery and Pastor of Covenant Church, Hagerstown, MD
  • The Reverend Caroline Kelly, Pastor of First  Church, Cumberland, MD
  • The Reverend Mark Sandell, Pastor of St. Andrew Church, Williamsport, MD
  • The Reverend Ed Blank, Pastor of Warfordsburg Church, Carlisle Presbytery, PA
  • The Reverend Judy Johnson, Pastor, UMC, and Presbytery of Baltimore Ministry Group Staff
  • Chaplain (COL) Ron Martin-Minnich, (retired)
  • Elder Georgene McKenzie, First Cumberland
  • Elder Nancy Younker, Clerk of Session, Hancock Church
  • Elder Jeff Ward, Hancock Church
  • Elder Shirley Younker, Hancock Church
  • Elder Mary Ward, Hancock Church
  • Elder Alice Gerber, Hancock Church
  • Elder Nancy Ingram, Hancock Church
  • Elder Steve Douglas, Hancock Church
  • Monte Maxwell, Guest Organist, USNA Chapel. Annapolis, MD
  • Daniel Martin-Minnich, Guest Soloist, Mercersburg, PA

Elders (both Ruling and Teaching) from Hancock Presbyterian Church, Baltimore Presbytery, and the Hancock Community lay hands on Pastor Terry.

The Reverend Dr. Rene Mackey (left), Moderator of Baltimore Presbytery and Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Hagerstown, MD, officiated at the Installation Service of Pastor Terry Martin-Minnich (right)